Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Workouts: March 24-30

What an adorable sloth fest
After last week's sloth fest, I'm officially ready to get back to it.  It's funny how, even for someone who loves running, the longer you don't do it, the harder it is to convince yourself to get back out there.  Thankfully, Sunday was sunny and warm(ish), which made it much easier.

Longish run.  Since I barely ran last week and I had to work today, I didn't want to do a crazy long run.  I did six miles at an easy pace, and it felt good.  My left knee got a bit achy toward the end, which makes me a bit nervous, but I iced it right away afterward.

Usual Bikram yoga class.  I was going to run four miles beforehand, but my tummy felt funny from my Sunday run. Listen to me already making excuses! No, no, this week, I'm getting back on track--perhaps a bit more slowly than usual.

Due to car-sharing issues, I wasn't able to got to barre class after work, so I did my zWOD #58 again in the morning, and then walked to work and back--four miles.

Four mile run before work.  It was one of those runs where I didn't wear a watch because I didn't want to feel tempted to push myself, but then I felt like I was running so fast I wanted to know if I actually was running fast, or if it just felt that way.  Now I'll never know, sigh.

Another lazy morning.  My tummy felt off, and I had too much wine Wednesday night, so I didn't want to go for a run.  This is the time when I need to admit that work is officially getting to me.  I've had a whole host of new responsibilities heaped on me and there has been a lot of professional/personal drama going on at work that is just taking a toll.  It's affecting my sleep and my running, and that it highly annoying.  I need to learn how to leave work at work.

Four mile run before work.  It was a decent run, but my left knee has been hurting off and on.  I'm going to be better about icing it, and try to not overdo it mileagewise.  After that, I pedaled to work on my sweet new ride!
I love my new bike, and I love that it's finally warm enough to ride it without fear of frozen face.

Group run!  I have the Jamestown Bridge 10k coming up in one week, so I did a group run with some one my buddies who are also doing the race.  I ran 2.5 miles to meet them at the park, then we did a four mile run followed by a couple hill repeats.  It was actually nice to slow down and have a bit of conversation while running, plus, it was just nice to see friends I haven't bumped into in a while.  Race next week!! Woot!!

Weekly Totals:
16.5 miles
1 Bikram yoga
1 Cross train

This week's Power Song is Sexy Boy by Hard Kaur & DJ Rekha

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