PR: Personal Record aka your best time at a particular distance

Fartlek: Speedplay aka "Ima run as fast as I can to the end of the block!"  Then you slow back down to normal, non-fartleky speed.

Timing Chip: Usually built into your race number, this chip tracks your start and finish time in a race

Chip Time: The time registered by yout timing chip

Gun Time: The time registered from when the race officially started.  Depending on the size of the race, you may not cross the start line for a few minutes.

Garmin: Most popular brand of running GPS watch

Tempo Run: Slow(ish) and steady run intended to increase lactate threshold.

5k: 3.1 Miles

10k: 6.2 Miles

1/2 Marathon: 13.1 Miles

Marathon: 26.2 Miles

Ultramarathon: Any distance longer than 26.2 miles aka--WHY?!?!

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