Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weekly Workouts March 31-April 6

Sunday:  Long run day, but it was a short one.  Even though it was quite lovely out, I didn't want to take too many chances with this stupid, achy knee, so I stuck to the treadmill.  Four miles, easy pace while watching Weeds.
Exercising is always easier when you envy the body of the woman on the tv.  Seriously, Mary Louise Parker is almost 50!  What the hell?!?

Three mile run followed by the usual Monday morning yoga.

I planned a kettlebell workout with the handsome Bob Harper for before work, but like I tend to do on Tuesdays, I overslept.  I need to do more squats!  Bob makes me do squats.  I also wanted to do 7pm Barre class, but apparently there is no 7pm class this week *fist shake*, rode my bike to work and back, 4 miles--wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I planned on a 4 mile run before work, but it has gotten cold again, y'all. I'll take Wednesday as a rest day instead.

Six lovely miles before work.  Not a fast run, but a good one, and my knee felt a little off at the beginning, but fine once I got going.   I kept thinking I should do some hill work, in anticipation of the race on Sunday, but then I panicked thinking that I shouldn't tire my legs out!  What to do?!!?  It's just a 10k, so it doesn't really matter, but maybe that's the wrong attitude to have.  I'm no good at this mental game stuff.

Lazy day off, but I did manage to get to yoga.

Four mile run before work followed by four mile bike ride to work and back.  It has been so windy lately!  My bike ride to work is mostly uphill, but this time it was uphill and into the wind--feeling the burn.

Weekly Stats:
17 miles
0 cross train
2 yoga

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