Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weekly Workouts: March 10-16

I look exactly like this now-naturally
This week I had my first 1/2 marathon of the season and also my first Barre class!

Ocean's Run 1/2 marathon. Full race report here, but despite the cold and the wind, it was a good race!

Rest day.  I had to skip my morning yoga because I had a doctor's appointment, but since my knees were a bit sore after the race, I tried to take it easy.

I had hoped to wake up early and do some kettlebells with Bob Harper, but naturally, I overslept, and for once I'm going to say that that was a good thing.  That night, I went to my first ever Barre class with a friend and my muscles were screaming.  I'm always reminded that I don't do enough strength training, but I kept up pretty well.  It's odd though, even though I barely broke a sweat, I feel like it was a good workout.  This might become a regular thing.

Woke up strangely not sore after that Barre class though I suspect I'll be feeling it Thursday.  Four mile run before work and Bikram class afterward.  The forecast is calling for 50 degrees today!! Spring has officially arrived (though I'm trying to not get my hopes up too high).

Treadmill time.Seven miles while watching Biggest Loser, which is almost done for the season!  What am I going to watch on my Thursday treadmill run after it's over!!?  I guess I could just run outside instead, but I really am not minding these longer TM runs.  What has happened to me?  Maybe I'm just sick of my running mix on my ipod... music suggestions welcome.

I was a lazy girl this morning and slept in and did not do my cross-training.  I'll squeeze it in tomorrow instead. I also planned to go to yoga, but skipped that.  For some reason, going to yoga on Friday night is so much harder than every other night.  I guess it's the end of the week and I'm tired, but I had myself talked out of it at 10am--a new record.

Mid-day Bikam class that I planned to follow up with five easy miles, but I just wasn't feeling it.  I waaaay overslept this morning, so I'm thinking my body just wants a little rest.  Plus, I want to save my legs for my long run tomorrow.

Weekly Stats:
24.1 Miles
2 Yoga Classes
1 Cross training

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