Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Workouts: January 27-February 2

Saw this on one of my runs--what is it!?!?  
The plan for training/ cross training is as follows:

Bikram yoga three times a week
Running five days a week with Sunday being my long run
Cross-training two days a week

Six mile run in the morning was what was on the calendar--actual mileage, four.  These days my long run is around six miles, but that's mostly due to the unpredictable weather.  My mantra has been 'run until your toes freeze', which is usually around six miles.  As it warms up, I'm going to steadily increase my mileage.
Late afternoon Bikram class.

Planned to run four miles before yoga, but it was too cold. 10am yoga class.

Overslept and failed to do my planned Bob Harper Kettlebell workout (I'd been sick over the weekend and was still exhausted).  Got a ride to work, but walked home two whole miles!

4 miles run in the morning at 9/mile pace.  Walked to work 4 miles.

3.5 miles on the treadmill while watching Biggest Loser (I just can't get enough of that show).  Last day of January and my target mileage for the month was 62.5 which I hit exactly!  I don't think in all my years of tracking my mileage I've actually hit my target for January.  Usually I'm way under, and just make it up once it's warmer.  Huzzah for 2013!!!  Best year ever!

Had yoga and a zWOD on the calendar, but I overslept and then I was just too lazy to go to yoga after work, so we at Indian food instead.  That's practically the same thing, right?

I had originally planned to do the 8am yoga class, but I was just too sleepy.  I've been having a really hard time getting up at a reasonable hour, or even sleeping well overnight. I hope I can figure out why soon because it's really pissing me off. I went to the 10am instead and then ran four quick miles afterward 9/mile pace.  After that, went ice skating with a friend and (thankfully) did not fall down!  I used to be a figure skater (not a good one) and it's amazing how my skills have atrophied!  Once I got in a little practice, I was doing ok, but I cannot remember how to stop and I felt completely out of control out there.  It was fun though, and I'm sure if I practice a bit it will come back to me (most of it).  We'll see...

Weekly Stats:
 15.5 Miles
3 Yoga classes
0 Cross-training, (figure skating doesn't really count)

Here's this week's Power Song: Warrior by Kimbra

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